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Founded in 1970, MSD is one of the most recognized industry names in ignition system products, EFI products and high performance parts. The company designs, develops, tests and assembles ignition boxes, crank triggers, distributors, EFI systems, transmission controllers, spark plugs, coils, spark plug wires, and other performance parts. MSD Performance® is part of the Holley Performance Companies - Hooker Headers®, Flowtech® Exhaust, NOS® Nitrous, Weiand®, Earl's Performance Plumbing®, Diablosport® Superchips®, Edge Products®, Racepak®, Accel®, Mr. Gasket®, - Holley products can give you the edge you need over the competition.

MSD Performance 2225 Fuel Mgmt Accessories

High Pressure Electric Fuel Pump; 43 GPH..


MSD Performance 2278 Harness, LS, 58x/4x, ..

Harness; LS; 58x/4x; Front Cam Sensor..


MSD Performance 2279 Harness, LS2, 24x/1x,..

Harness; LS2; 24x/1x; Front Cam Sensor..


MSD Performance 22791 Harness, LS, 24x/1x,..

Harness; LS; 24x/1x; Rear Cam Sensor..


MSD Performance 2312 Fuel Mgmt Accessories

Sensor-MAP; Boost; Two-Bar..


MSD Performance 23121 Fuel Mgmt Accessorie..

Sensor-Map; Boost; 2psi-29psi; Two-Bar..


MSD Performance 2313 Fuel Mgmt Accessories

Sensor-MAP; Boost; Three-Bar..


MSD Performance 23131 Fuel Mgmt Accessorie..

Sensor-Map; Boost; 2psi-44psi; Three-Bar..


MSD Performance 2340 Fuel Mgmt Distributor..

Distributor; Crank Trigger Sync Signal..


MSD Performance 2341 Hall Pickup w/LED Ind..

Hall Pickup w/LED Ind., Cam Sync Plugs..


MSD Performance 2345 Fuel Mgmt Distributor..

Distributor; Ignition Trigger Sync Signal; Lock/Out..


MSD Performance 23451 Fuel Mgmt Distributo..

Distributor; GM; Adjustable Cam Sync with Adj. Rotor and LED Sync Ind...


MSD Performance 2346 Fuel Mgmt Accessories

Sync Signal Pickup Kit; Universal..


MSD Performance 2348 Hall Effect Pickup wi..

Hall Effect Pickup with LED Indicator; 0.5x20 Threaded..


MSD Performance 2351 Fuel Mgmt Accessories

Fuel Pump Voltage Booster; Programmable..


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