Bulldog Winch

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Phoenix , Arizona 85027

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Bulldog Winch Co LLC was founded in 2006 by Bob Horn. Bob and the Bulldog Team are enthusiasts and love what they do. They're always trying to solve problems or create the next widget but deep down they love what they do. We hope that shows up in the products we're offering. We're not the biggest company in the winch category but we're working hard to try to be the best. In many categories we are offering the broadest, deepest selection in the industry and we're proud of this. We listen to our customers and end users and they give us the best ideas to improve our products or create a new one. We have a hard and fast strategy to make sure we have every part for every winch we make. Period!! Nothing worse than purchasing a product and not being able to get parts. You should never have that problem at Bulldog Winch!

Bulldog Winch 20230 Set of 4 Ratching stra..

Bulldog Set of 4 Ratching straps..


Bulldog Winch 20231 Big Dog Rope, 7/8" x 3..

Bulldog Big Dog Rope, 7/8" x 30ft 22k BS..


Bulldog Winch 20232 Storage Bag, Camo Mesh..

Bulldog Storage Bag, Camo Mesh Duffle..


Bulldog Winch 20233 Booster Cable Set 20ft..

Bulldog Booster Cable Set 20ft 2ga HD Clamps..


Bulldog Winch 20234 Tensioner, Wire Rope f..

Bulldog Tensioner, Wire Rope for Truck Standard Series..


Bulldog Winch 20235 Hook Stopper, Powerspo..

Bulldog Hook Stopper, Powersports..


Bulldog Winch 20236 Hook Stopper, Truck

Bulldog Hook Stopper, Truck..


Bulldog Winch 20238 Contactor, 15k HD rev ..

Bulldog Contactor, 15k HD rev 2..


Bulldog Winch 20250 Wire Rope for 15022 6k..

Bulldog Wire Rope for 15022 6k 6.4mmx55'..


Bulldog Winch 20271 P-Clamps, 7/16" set of..

Bulldog P-Clamps, 7/16" set of 4 fits 3ga..


Bulldog Winch 20272 P-Clamps, 1/2" set of ..

Bulldog P-Clamps, 1/2" set of 4 fits 2ga..


Bulldog Winch 20273 Sling Hook 8mm 17.6k B..

Bulldog Sling Hook 8mm 17.6k BS powersports..


Bulldog Winch 20279 Mounting Channel 15022..

Bulldog Mounting Channel 15022 6k..


Bulldog Winch 20280 Roller Fairlead for 44..

Bulldog Roller Fairlead for 4400 Trailer, 151mm mount..


Bulldog Winch 20282 Hand Saver Strap

Bulldog Hand Saver Strap..


Bulldog Winch 20284 Rocker Switch - Moment..

Bulldog Rocker Switch - Momentary (ON)/OFF Lighted Red 3-Pin..


Bulldog Winch 20285 Rocker Switch - Moment..

Bulldog Rocker Switch - Momentary (ON)/OFF 4-Pin..


Bulldog Winch 20286 12v Power Socket 20A w..

Bulldog 12v Power Socket 20A with cover & 3 Mounting Brackets..


Bulldog Winch 20287 USB Power Socket, Dual..

Bulldog USB Power Socket, Dual 5V 1A & 2.1A with cover & 3 Mounting Brackets..


Bulldog Winch 20298 Booster Cable Set, 20'..

Bulldog Booster Cable Set, 20' with clamps and plug..


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