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Bulldog Winch Co LLC was founded in 2006 by Bob Horn. Bob and the Bulldog Team are enthusiasts and love what they do. They're always trying to solve problems or create the next widget but deep down they love what they do. We hope that shows up in the products we're offering. We're not the biggest company in the winch category but we're working hard to try to be the best. In many categories we are offering the broadest, deepest selection in the industry and we're proud of this. We listen to our customers and end users and they give us the best ideas to improve our products or create a new one. We have a hard and fast strategy to make sure we have every part for every winch we make. Period!! Nothing worse than purchasing a product and not being able to get parts. You should never have that problem at Bulldog Winch!

Bulldog Winch 20180 Winch Mounting Hardwar..

Bulldog Winch Mounting Hardware, 10x40mm, extra long, Grd5, set 4..


Bulldog Winch 20181 Big Dog Shackle, 2x2"R..

Bulldog Big Dog Shackle, 2x2"Receiver Mount w/1-1/2" Shackle..


Bulldog Winch 20182 Big Dog Hook w/2" Rece..

Bulldog Big Dog Hook w/2" Receiver Mount..


Bulldog Winch 20185 Synthetic Rope 4.8mmx5..

Bulldog Synthetic Rope 4.8mmx50'..


Bulldog Winch 20186 2.5x2.5" Receiver Moun..

Bulldog 2.5x2.5" Receiver Mount w/7/8" Shackle..


Bulldog Winch 20188 1-1/2" Shackle, 34k lb..

Bulldog 1-1/2" Shackle, 34k lb WLL..


Bulldog Winch 20190 Winch Cover, Neoprene ..

Bulldog Winch Cover, Neoprene Truck, PU over Motor..


Bulldog Winch 20191 Winch Cover, Neoprene ..

Bulldog Winch Cover, Neoprene Truck, PU over Drum..


Bulldog Winch 20192 Winch Cover, Neoprene ..

Bulldog Winch Cover, Neoprene Powersports, 2k&3k side drum..


Bulldog Winch 20193 Winch Cover, Neoprene ..

Bulldog Winch Cover, Neoprene Powersports, 2.5k,3.5k,4k center drum..


Bulldog Winch 20194 Cover/Holder for 20156..

Bulldog Cover/Holder for 20156 Wireless Controller..


Bulldog Winch 20195 7pc Truck Rigging Kit ..

Bulldog 7pc Truck Rigging Kit - value..


Bulldog Winch 20196 7pc Rigging Kit 16k WL..

Bulldog 7pc Rigging Kit 16k WLL..


Bulldog Winch 20197 Booster Cable Set 20ft..

Bulldog Booster Cable Set 20ft 2ga w/Quick Connects & 7.5ft Truck Leads..


Bulldog Winch 20200 AR Synthetic Winch Lin..

Bulldog AR Synthetic Winch Line 9mm x 100', 6 to 8k..


Bulldog Winch 20202 Wire Rope 10027 3/8" x..

Bulldog Wire Rope 10027 3/8" x 85' (9.5mm x 25m)..


Bulldog Winch 20203 Rigging Pouch, Powersp..

Bulldog Rigging Pouch, Powersports..


Bulldog Winch 20204 Contactor, Truck 450A ..

Bulldog Contactor, Truck 450A w/spade connectors..


Bulldog Winch 20205 Wiring Kit 7.5' Front ..

Bulldog Wiring Kit 7.5' Front 2ga..


Bulldog Winch 20206 Wiring Kit 20' Rear 2g..

Bulldog Wiring Kit 20' Rear 2ga..


Bulldog Winch 20207 Wiring Kit 24' Rear 2g..

Bulldog Wiring Kit 24' Rear 2ga..


Bulldog Winch 20208 Winch Mount JK 10th An..

Bulldog Winch Mount JK 10th Anniversary Edition OE Bumper..


Bulldog Winch 20209 Winch Mount JK Moab/Ca..

Bulldog Winch Mount JK Moab/Call of Duty MW3 Editions OE Bumper..


Bulldog Winch 20210 Bracket, JK Vacuum Can..

Bulldog Bracket, JK Vacuum Canister relocation..


Bulldog Winch 20212 Wireless for 15017, 15..

Bulldog Wireless for 15017, 15019, 15021..


Bulldog Winch 20213 Wire Rope 10029 9/32" ..

Bulldog Wire Rope 10029 9/32" x 55' (7.2mm x 16.8m)..


Bulldog Winch 20214 Wire Rope 10031 1/5" x..

Bulldog Wire Rope 10031 1/5" x 47' (8.1mm x 14.5m)..


Bulldog Winch 20215 Mounting Plate, 10029/..

Bulldog Mounting Plate, 10029/10031..


Bulldog Winch 20216 Hand Controller, Truck..

Bulldog Hand Controller, Truck with 3-prong push-in plug 20'..


Bulldog Winch 20219 Jumper Cable Set, 2ga,..

Bulldog Jumper Cable Set, 2ga, 15ft with Quick Connects..


Bulldog Winch 20220 Hand Controller for 15..

Bulldog Hand Controller for 15017/19..


Bulldog Winch 20221 Contactor for 15017/19..

Bulldog Contactor for 15017/19 200A..


Bulldog Winch 20222 Wire Rope for 15017, 3..

Bulldog Wire Rope for 15017, 3/16"x45'..


Bulldog Winch 20223 Wire Rope for 15019, 7..

Bulldog Wire Rope for 15019, 7/32"x55'..


Bulldog Winch 20224 Hawse Fairlead, Cast I..

Bulldog Hawse Fairlead, Cast Iron w/122.5mm mount..


Bulldog Winch 20225 Strap, Replacement for..

Bulldog Strap, Replacement for 15021..


Bulldog Winch 20226 8mm x 50ft Synthetic R..

Bulldog 8mm x 50ft Synthetic Rope, Grey..


Bulldog Winch 20227 Switch, replacement fo..

Bulldog Switch, replacement for hand controller truck, standard series..


Bulldog Winch 20229 Ratcheting Axle Strap,..

Bulldog Ratcheting Axle Strap, 2"x10' 10k LB BS..


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